Ability toolbox, a helping hand for disabled people.

What is a disability?
Disability is a state in which a person is unable to use his/her part of the body due to injury or disease. Disability also occurs by birth due to some genetic problems. Disability makes it more difficult for a person to do work. It is categorized according to the part of the body of a person who is disabled like blindness, mental illness, dwarfism, deaf, locomotive disability, etc. It is very hard for a person if one of his body parts is unable to function properly. A person is unable to perform his/her daily tasks. But being optimistic is a part of a happy life. A disabled person can do all the tasks if he/she is determined to do it. They can practice different tasks performed by disabled parts in different ways. They can learn and perform different practices so that they couldn’t find it difficult to do tasks in their lives. There are also many sites, institutions, NGOs, and many communities for the help of disabled persons. One of the sites for the help of disabled persons is click here.  

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The Ability Toolbox Site
The Ability Toolbox site is a community for disabled people to help them for their better living standards. This site provides work to disabled persons. This site gives a platform for disabled persons to work. This site encourages different types of artists who are disabled so that they can do whatever they want. They can perform their skills like this site provides the disabled persons to share their experience. The ability toolbox promotes their work and also pays them.
How Ability Toolbox is helping disabled people?
Ability toolbox provides work to disabled persons so that they would not face any difficulties in this world. This site promotes their works which makes them feel happy and enthusiastic. This site gives them different works and also attaches different writing contents of their experience so that other people like them could learn from them. This site provides different skills and also tips for their work. This site also sells devices to disabled persons so that they could do exercises with that device like the great pillow, relaxing sleep spray which helps them in curing their injured part. This site also sells kitchen appliances for people with limited hand use. Ability toolbox also gives different strategies to help them to do the task easily without their disabled and injured part. It is very grateful of this site to help the people who are having difficulty in their daily life because of their disability. This site helps many people and also provides them works and pays them and also giving them disability life hacks so that they could perform their duties.